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Rich Heir Rapes His 3 Year-Old Daughter, Gets No Jail Time Because He ‘Will Not Fare Well’ In Prison





Everything about this is disgusting.


Here’s a petition to get this idiotic judge fired!

Affluenza strikes again. 

And more to the point, it’s glaringly obvious the rules are incredibly different for the 1% and those in the cheap seats but… seeing how stark those differences are can be incredibly frustrating. Sure, when you’re so well connected that your parents lunch with the D.A and or the Senator is on your speed dial, that’s one thing but when you do something this morally depraved and get special consideration when every other person in the same circumstance would be justly pilloried it says a lot about how “affluenza” and those judges who dole out preferential treatment really think about social class.

Nobody “fares well” in prison, but it only matters when a rich white guy might end up there.